CAN-TRBO is an independent network that is currently hosting the DMR-MARC connections for Canada using a combination of servers and devices such c-Bridge from Rayfield Communications and IPSC2 designed by Kurt OE1KBC. These devices allows us to route calls between different IPSC networks and/or remote c-Bridges. Our talkgroups have direct links to DMR-MARC, Brandmeister, DMR+, and other systems, on select talkgroups.

CAN-TRBO has been operational since early 2013 and its goal is to provide connectivity for the Canadian DMR repeaters to the each other and to other repeaters and systems around the world. The connectivity is provided by a ultra stable high bandwidth commercial fibre connection from one of Canada’s leading Internet providers to the servers housed in Covey Hill, Quebec at VA2WE’s hardened telecoms facility.

On top of being connected to the DMR-MARC network in the US and DMR+ for International talkgroups, we also provide province-wide talkgroups for for all Canadian provinces that also interconnect with Brandmeister for a seamless DMR experiance for Canadian amateurs. We also interconnect with the BC-TRBO c-Bridge hosted by the New Westminster Amateur Radio Club.

We are also interconnected and host repeaters in the Upstate New York region that borders with Quebec and provide the New England Digital Emergency Communications Network (NEDECN) with hotspot access to their 90+ repeaters.

The CAN-TRBO system was made possible initially by the financial support of Alain Reid (VA2WE), Don Trynor (VA3XFT), Chris Gaylor (VE2BNI). Many others have generously contributed financially and/or technically to the project over the years, such as JS Black (VA2VAX). We are forever grateful for the team effort that has kept the system alive over the years.

The servers are currently being hosted by Alain Reid (VA2WE - KD2WE) and operated by Stéphane Ricard (VE2TAX) and Nick Robinson (VE9MP) with technical support from José Cournoyer (VE2JOS), Alexis Langlois (VE2UAL), Carl Camiré (VE2TRF) and Yanick Yvinec (VA2YYQ).

Please conside donating to support the existing and future RF & IT infrastructure required to run CAN-TRBO. All of this can only exist with the support of private donations.